Aventuras en Machu Picchu

Aventuras en Machu Picchu


If you have limited time for your visit, the following highlights are some of the things you won’t want to miss out on. If you are not in a rush, you may still find the following list very useful!


  • Lake Shores: a barbequeue by the lake is a great way to enjoy the wonderful views, summer weather and meet local people. Cruise on the car-free shore promenade, it will recharge your batteries!
  • Nature Reserve: a few minutes drive away, you’ll find a beautiful nature reserve where you have a chance to see unique species of fauna and flora. Bring your litter back with you and respect the nature, it will respect you back!


  • Transportation Museum: discover the evolution of the means of transports, from horse carriages to electric skateboards and solar-powered cars. A must see for families with young kids – especially little boys!
  • Chocolate Factory: The chocolate tasting at the end of the tour by itself should be a good enough reason to visit the chocolate factory! Discover the different steps of the production of chocolate, from the harvesting of coco beans to the packaging and worldwide distribution.


Each Saturday morning, the old town hosts wonderful markets where you’ll find locals trading vegetables, antiques, patisserie among many other things. A unique opportunity to find fresh and affordable products while soaking in an authentic local atmosphere.

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